Sunday 30 October 2011

Pre: Backpacking South Korea Autumn 2011 part 3

10 tips for backpackers..

Just a few simple measures will ensure a safe, savvy trip...
1. The bagWhile backpacking is all about thrifty travel, the one thing you shouldn’t stinge on is your bag. The key to choosing one that’s right for you comes down to comfort – usually, unless you’re doing heavy lifting, it shouldn’t be more than 4500 CUI (cubic inches). Also, buy yours from a reputable maker – shoddy workmanship or material will tear only too easily.
2. Packing essentialsEvery traveler should have these:
Flip flops: A must-have for use in those communal showers• Pillowcases• Extra wallet: Pickpockets are in backpacker inns. Dividing your money into different wallets reduces the risk of losing everything should you become a victim• Wet wipes: A shower may not always be available• Space saver bags: Available at camping stores, these allow more to be bundled into a small space.3. The cash stashThe general rule of thumb is to have enough currency to get you through 2 or 3 days. The rest of your journey can be covered by a series of travelers cheques.4. Packing smartRoll clothes instead of folding them to avoid wrinkles. Pack zip-lock bags to seal used socks and shoes in. Medication and important documents should always be carried on you, not in checked-in luggage. When packing, stack in chronological order, with what you’ll need first at the top of your bag.
5. Traveling walletIt goes without saying that your wallet and travel documents should always be with you at all times. Never stuff them in your backpack. And, always have copies of your travel document – a set on you and a set in your backpack.6. Keep a travel journal
All those memories you collect along the way can be stored with free mobile apps. On the iPhone, ‘Off Exploring’, ‘GPS Log Lite’ and ‘Daily Tracker Lite’ are available.

7. ‘Ruin’ your stuff a little
The newer your stuff looks, the tastier it is to a thief. Wear in your shoes and wear out your bag before your trip. Looking like a seasoned traveler will also deter thieves. On long train or bus rides, sleep on your pack.

8. Make your presence heard
At least one person at home should always know where you are. Keep a mobile number on you with clear instructions that it is your in-case-of-emergency-contact and always send an email from every destination you arrive at.(Always updated with your family or someone that you close every time you reach the place)9. Don’t be a good SamaritanNever offer or accept to carry anything for anyone – it’s the cardinal rule of travel, perhaps more so when backpacking. Backpacking tends to become a very communal activity with many friendships forged along the way. However, proper care must always be taken. 10. Safety in numbers
The bigger the travel group, the better. But, if you’re travelling solo, any friends made along the way is always useful. Avoid travelling at night, even if this means you save money on one night’s accommodation.p/s : never put your swiss army on your hand luggage .

Monday 10 October 2011

Pre: Backpacking South Korea Autumn 2011 part 2



Back then, when my kak ngah was in college she brought home a learning Japanese book.that time was really gilerr punyer fames drama jepun, i was really excited,,ngeee..i did almost half of the exercise in was easy too...dozoyorosshiku onegaii shimasu.......

that's my bit of know-know on Nihon-go..then there was thAt one sem. i took a Spanish class @ UPM...where during those days tengah fames gilerrr(lagi??) telenovela..i still remember google episode guide for Cuandos seas Mia, where i found all in espanol and begin my own so and so last i knew how the ending going to be because the episodes was really really long almost 300++ epi i think(pardon me if i'm wrong)..i'm dion't have patient in watching longgggggggggggggg epi  drama...;P

And now the current fever..ALL OVER THE WORLD ~ KOREAN WAVE~ was really a long awaiting for me..
fyi, i used to watch korean drama at my kak za's house in Subang; there got channel metrovision if u still remember and they got a korean channel which is awesome for me..i used to watch Arirang tv i think it was called...then few years after that no more metrovision..waaaaaaa...
though i'm in love-hate relationship with Astro, i still subscribe them..why? i want to watch Korean drama/documentaries,etc.etc..
of course internet are a blessing too..coz now we can download or watch K-drama online..yeaaa high five wasn't really my topic yet,,sorry sidetracked with excitement..ngeeee
Korean LANGUAGE is the latest language i'm trying to equip myself with..and to makesure it won't happen to my Japanese and Spanish where i've only remember certain phrases and words only nowaday because of no one to practise to..:( my mistake..huhuh;(
I'm learning Korean online at this webpage
it's really easy...hope i can learn as much as i can before going for my trip this November..wish me luck people..forgive my writing, i 'm rambling a lot wasn't it? hehehe..biann nae...

Friday 7 October 2011

Pre: Backpacking South Korea Autumn 2011-Part 1

Few weeks ago,when I wrote 'menghitung hari' or in English 'counting the days'...on my status @ FB, lots of question coming from my friends..:are you getting engage? married? hehehe... .i let them wonder though...(noti kan :P)

and not all knows my plan though...hahaha..(betul ke?)

aigoooo..counting the days refer to my soon to be coming true (insya'allah) backpacking trip to Seoul - Jeju - Busan - Mokpo - Sokcho..whichever come first and flight/train/ferry availability..:)

Check list of things to do/bring :



hiking boots


Prior to the coming journey, homework penting!! why? coz u need to know/plan the journey carefully...thankful sgt coz Ana has ex student currently studying in Korea, so he'll be helping us in booking for places to stay/flight to Jeju/train ticket/ sabar nk siapkan itinerary backpacking tu nanti..still in progress..

Ok..Busan - check..Kim ader..Seoul - sendiri2..Jeju- Daniel, helpsss.. ^_*

Sokcho-rupernye dk ngan Seoul Mokpo - kalau jd naik feri ke Jeju..

what else to do? and bring? helpppppppppppp...:P

fyi, this is my first backpacking trip...

can't wait to be there.........ngeee

Yoorin <3 Jusang.. teehehee